Sicre is an artist of Picassian range and artistic invention. A true figlio d árte, he is the only grandson of the author of the giant Marti monument in Havana's Plaza De La Revolución, Juan Jose Sicre, who was credited by contemporary encyclopedia for introducing modernism to Cuban art. His cousin, Antonio Gattorno, led the Avant Garde ("Los Once").

Sicre's imagistic work spans every idiom from abstraction to classicism but is at its root fed by the fountainhead of modernity; the mythic world of 19th century symbolism which sought what Paul Gaugin called "The mysterious source of human thought."

Sicre’s grew up in Cleveland; his father played in it's fabled orchestra. Upon graduating high school, he studied first zoology then art history at the University of California, where he met his former wife of twelve years. With her he spent 6 months soaking up art and culture in Europe in live of attending graduate school. Upon his return he exhibited at the Women's City Club Gallery, later the couple moved to Bucks County, PA, where Sicre was active in the Philadelphia art world where he curated an important exhibit of Latin American art at Nexus Gallery.

In 1985 the Sicres moved to Long Beach, California where he continued a prolific production of paintings, collages, drawings and sculpture. Many of them grace book covers and a fine art inspired line of shoes and accessories.

A protégé of deconstructionist philosopher Derida, Greg Lambert compares Sicre's art with philosophy of Kant and introduced his images to an array of significant other philosophers and writers, many of whom found a resonance and even a device which helps clarify the focus of their own work.